Hardwood Care & Maintenance

Keep your hardwood beautiful for decades to come!

Hardwood Care and Maintenance | Brooks Flooring Services Inc

Daily care & maintenance

Hardwood flooring can last for decades with proper care. Clean up before the build-up! Keeping your hardwood floors clean to start is the best way to stop dirt in its tracks! Vacuuming and cleaning regularly will help keep the floors looking new and prevent damage. We also recommend promptly wiping up spills to help prevent stains and to avoid warping of the floorboards. Stay away from wax-based cleaners because they can cause finish problems and dull your floors. We also recommend staying away from ammonia, vinegar, polish, or oil soaps because they can cause the same damage as wax.

Preventative maintenance tips

  • Place mats at entrances and encourage visitors to use them
  • Move heavy furniture carefully (never drag it)
  • Use floor protectors under furniture legs
  • Reduce your hardwood's exposure to direct sunlight with shades
  • Add an area rug (or two!) in high-traffic areas
  • Keep pets' nails trimmed so they don't scratch your flooring

Cleaning spills

  • Immediately wipe up any water-based stains, such as juice or wine
  • If necessary, use a recommended cleaning solution for wood
  • Consult your manufacturer's care guidelines for more complex spills
  • Don't let moisture sit on your hardwood, as it could cause warping