Subfloor Repair

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Repairing Your Subfloor

The subfloor is the structural underlayment in a home that spans floor joists and serves as the base for a number of floor coverings. You can find the subfloor under carpeting, cement or backer board used for tiles or hardwood floors. When the subfloor is damaged, it requires replacement to ensure the structural integrity of the floor. 

  1. Examine the floor for areas where the subfloor might have damage underneath. Look for loose hardwood boards, tiles, sunken carpet areas or anything that indicates a problem.
  2. Remove the floor covering over the damaged subfloor area. 
  3. Look at the subfloor to assess the damage. Rot or water-damaged subfloor sheets require complete replacement. If the damage spans several joists, it's easier to replace the whole sheet. If a smaller area is damaged, use a circular saw set to the depth of the subfloor to remove the damaged area and replace it with a piece of subfloor measured and cut to fit.
  4. Provide estimate for adjusting the damaged subfloor.  

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