Professional Laminate Installation

Know what to expect before your laminate installation!

Preparing for your laminate installation

If you’re having laminate installed in your current home, take the following steps to prepare to help ensure the job goes smoothly:

  • Remove all belongings from the rooms in which your laminate will be installed. This includes furniture, décor, electronics, and wall hangings. You'll also need to empty the contents of any closets. We may be able to move your furniture for you; we will give you more information on this step before your installation takes place.
  • We may deliver your laminate before your installation date so that it can acclimate to your home. We will let you know if this is necessary.
  • Do any additional projects, such as painting, before your installation.
  • We may need to remove your doors.
  • Plan to keep pets and kids away from the work area until the job is complete.
  • Be prepared to deal with dust and odors during and after the installation.
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